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Friday, 12 October 2012

Only three weeks to the launch of Mine to Avenge!

I received the first unbound proof copy of Mine to Avenge this week. It was a strange feeling to finally see my story in something resembling the form of an actual book. Of course it was unbound, but it was surrounded by a real matte cover, and filled with lots of pieces of paper, covered with words I’d written.
The publishers are busy building the website and preparing a brief book trailer to be ready for the launch which is now only three weeks away, scheduled for Saturday 3rd November. I am also hoping to run an online book launch for friends who can’t attend because of distance.
Meanwhile I am going to increase posting frequency over the next few weeks in the lead up to the launch, and include more extracts - some new ones and others I’ve posted before, for newer blog followers who might not have trawled back to Older Posts to read them.

Please enjoy this brief extract from Chapter 45:

Linus had no idea how long he stood in the doorway. His legs felt as if they were about to buckle under him, and his body trembled with shock. His right arm hung limply by his side, with the weapon in his hand feeling much heavier than it really was.
He stood watching the trail of blood oozing its way through the sparse hairs on the back of his grandfather’s head and neck. He stepped slowly into the library. ‘Grandfather?’ he whispered again.
As he approached from the left, he saw that his grandfather’s wrist was bound to the arm of the chair. He walked around in front of the chair, and saw that both of his wrists were bound. He couldn’t see his grandfather’s face clearly as his head had slumped forward, but could see that he had tape across his mouth. Who could have done this? What had been going on in the room before he arrived?
As he stood there with his ears still ringing from the gunshot, he heard a sound that scared him more than the sound of the gun. A voice spoke from the shadows behind the door.
‘Don’t move, lad. Put the gun down. Put your hands behind your head.’

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