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Monday, 22 October 2012

Book review offer from major magazine

I received my first offer of a book review today from a major magazine here in Australia, which is very exciting. It will be great to have some exposure in a national magazine, but my excitement is hedged around with caution. There is no guarantee that the exposure will be positive. It could well result in a negative review, but some people say there is no such thing as bad publicity, so I will try to keep that in mind when the time comes.
What amazed me was how quickly the offer came through. It was only the second magazine I targeted, and the Editor replied to me within five minutes saying she wanted it. I will keep plodding away with the submissions, and hope I have further success.
I also need to seriously explore appropriate book review blogs. I have already had a paddle in the very large pool of blogs and bloggers in my quest to find the right ones, and I think the sheer volume will make the process quite challenging. Also, most bloggers have a limited range of genres they like to review, which means I will have to check the sites thoroughly for their review policies.
On a completely different topic, I have changed my blog template (again) after receiving some good advice about making older posts more visible. There were several options to consider - one was removing all of the post dates, and sending posts out again, interspersed between recent posts, while another option was finding a template that made all the posts more visible than a standard blog archive does. As visitors will see, I’ve opted for the second suggestion, hoping that you might linger longer browsing through things you might have missed. Let me know whether you like it.


  1. Really interesting template. Where did you find it? Congrats on the magazine. Magazines are something I haven't targeted at all yet! I need to get on that! If you want suggestions for book blogs, just visit my profile and view the list of blogs I follow. I think I'm up to something like 300 now and plenty of them review fantasy. Good luck! :D

  2. Thanks Liesel about suggesting your blog as a starting point. I actually did use your blog and worked through the list over about a week!! (That's when I found your movie quote competition.)I have culled out a few from your list, but I'm not after fantasy reviewers. I need mystery/suspense reviewers for my novel. It doesn't fit neatly into the genre, but it's the closest.
    In regard to the template, it is a blogger template - one of what they call Dynamic Views. If you look in the top left of the black bar at the top, you will see the word Flipcard, which describes my current dynamic view.I'm not sure if visitors see that or only me, but if you click on the down arrow next to it, you can change the appearance to suit your preference.