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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Preparing for the upcoming book fair

It’s been a busy few months since September last year. In that time, I have had to turn a lot of personal energy in the direction of my family and I’ve also taken a three-week trip to Europe. I’ve also been busy with another website - totally unrelated to writing, but needing lots of writing - and I’ve spent some time in hospital. So all in all, things have been busy, with very little time to write.

However, the focus has shifted back to writing now, with the approach of Mt Gambier’s inaugural book fair scheduled for Saturday, April 5th, where I am sharing a speaking slot with another local author, Wendy Altschwager.

As Wendy now lives 5 hours away from the local area, we can’t just get together in person to meet and plan our joint speaking slot, so we have been communicating via Facebook and email, tossing around ideas for a very general speaking topic - ‘How to write a fabulous fiction novel.’

We’ve started getting a list of topics together, but what is it that readers and other aspiring writers want to know?  Are you interested in editing, plot development, character development, or things like getting ideas? Let me know the things you would like to know if you were listening to this topic at a book fair.