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Saturday, 6 October 2012

On creativity, and a comment on the sequel

If you are a regular reader of this blog, please don’t go away thinking you have come to the wrong place. I have had a creative turn of mind today and was a bit tired of the appearance of the blog, so have spent the afternoon experimenting with some changes (while also keeping an eye our state’s local football grand final). I was exploring the wide world of blogs last weekend and came across several other author blogs using the same template as I was, so I decided it was time for a change. I am aware that in time I will probably come across blogs using the new template I have chosen, but the old saying is that a change is as good as a holiday.
This is also part of my efforts to become more ‘savvy’ with what’s possible in terms of the world of blogging and the use of social media. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m quite new to  this and am enjoying experimenting with things and discovering things by trial and error.
I’ve also spent some time getting underway with the sequel of Mine to Avenge. I’ve found it interesting that even in these early stages, the process has been the same as it was when writing Mine to Avenge. I have my story’s starting point, enough to write the first two chapters, and I also have enough to write a few chapters connecting it to Mine to Avenge, but the substance of the story is still unclear.
In a nutshell, the story will revolve around the lives of two women (mother and daughter) who are mentioned in Mine to Avenge, but don’t feature in the story at all. I write of them fleeing their violent husband and father, and the sequel will relate the background to this and their lives after fleeing him. The link with Mine to Avenge will come through the character Linus, with whom regular readers of this post will be familiar already through the posted extracts. He is the grandson and nephew of these two women, and the sequel will also tell of his quest to track down his missing grandmother and aunt.


  1. I like the new template! Change is good! :D Good luck with the sequel as well!

  2. Thanks Liesel. Yes, sometimes changes can be really refreshing. Thanks for your good wishes with the sequel.