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Sunday, 28 October 2012

One journey ends, another begins

As the launch date for Mine to Avenge approaches, I realize that I am the end of one part of the journey and at the beginning of another. The book itself is completed and out there for everyone, but the marketing and promotional side of things is just beginning. I believe that will be an ongoing process, for much longer than actually writing the book and getting it published.
With the change in focus, I am also reassessing the focus of this blog - A Novel Journey. I originally started the blog earlier this year to invite readers along with me on the publishing journey of a first time author, but that has been achieved now, and although there will still be more things to share about Mine to Avenge, I think A Novel Journey might need to broaden its focus in terms of content. I haven’t made any definite decisions about a particular focus, but just a broader one at this time. I still intend the blog to continue with a writing/author focus, so please stay tuned if you have been following regularly, and see how things unfold and take shape.
If you would like to purchase Mine to Avenge it’s currently available from Amazon (link below) - with its first review, and the ebook should be available within the week. The book is up on Goodreads as well. I will notify of other purchase options as the book goes live over the next week or so, and there will also be an online launch at my Facebook Author page in a few weeks time - date to be determined. Drop by and Like my page if you think you might like to attend, and I’ll send you an invitation when I have decided the date.

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