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Monday, 12 May 2014

ABC Radio Interview 14th May

If you can pick up the frequency, I have a guest spot on our local ABC Radio tomorrow morning at 10.10am, prior to speaking at the library on Thursday night. The frequency is 1476 on the AM band, call sign MG. I'm based at Mount Gambier in South Australia. Tune in if you can.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Speaking at the Mount Gambier library

I'm gearing up for a session at the Mount Gambier library on Thursday evening May 15th. It's History Month at the library and I'll be talking on how to write a fabulous fiction novel, with a focus on historical fiction. I'll be sharing some research and editing tips. Come along and say hello, if you're in the area. Looking forward to meeting you. 
Here is a link to the May Events Calendar at the Library. 
And finally a link to the Mount Gambier Library's Facebook Event Page. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Successful Book Fair

Thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped by and chatted with me at the inaugural Mt Gambier Rotary Club Book Fair over the past two days. Thanks, also, to the Rotary Club who organised it all. It has been a wonderful weekend and I have enjoyed meeting everyone, and the conversations had.

The highlight of the weekend for me was certainly the joint presentation I did with Wendy Altschwager, another local author, on How to Write Fabulous Fiction. We were very thrilled with the feedback from those of you who listened, with some of you voting our talk the best of the day. We had an hour together in front of a copiously note-taking audience, as we shared from our own learning during two very different writing journeys, and with very different styles of fiction.

If you haven’t already met Wendy or heard of her and her books, she writes Australiana fiction, writing humorous tales that capture the essence of the unique lifestyle, language and culture of rural life. She grew up in the country and has lived firsthand many of the experiences that she writes about. You can connect with Wendy here.

I am almost at the end of the first print run of Mine to Avenge, and will soon be planning a second printing. If you want to be in the running to track down the elusive typo in my book, and win yourself a $50 Amazon gift voucher, time is running out to get yourself a first edition copy, because the error will be corrected for the reprint. If you fancy yourself as a proof reader and want to play ‘Hunt the Typo,’ you will need to get in fast to get one of the remaining first edition books. (See details below)

I thank those who bought my book, Mine to Avenge, and hope that after you read it, you think it worthy of your time.  Keep watching this space for some more photos of the Fair, which I hope to have available very soon.

The typo in Mine to Avenge is not a spelling or grammatical error, but is an error of relationship. To explain, Mine to Avenge is a generational novel with multiple characters. There is one part of the novel where I incorrectly state a relationship between two people, which has been stated as something else throughout the story, for example, where the two characters might correctly be brothers throughout the story, there is one place where I call them something else, for example, cousins, or brothers in law.
Please note: Australian readers only. The book is $25 and postage within Australia is $15.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Preparing for the upcoming book fair

It’s been a busy few months since September last year. In that time, I have had to turn a lot of personal energy in the direction of my family and I’ve also taken a three-week trip to Europe. I’ve also been busy with another website - totally unrelated to writing, but needing lots of writing - and I’ve spent some time in hospital. So all in all, things have been busy, with very little time to write.

However, the focus has shifted back to writing now, with the approach of Mt Gambier’s inaugural book fair scheduled for Saturday, April 5th, where I am sharing a speaking slot with another local author, Wendy Altschwager.

As Wendy now lives 5 hours away from the local area, we can’t just get together in person to meet and plan our joint speaking slot, so we have been communicating via Facebook and email, tossing around ideas for a very general speaking topic - ‘How to write a fabulous fiction novel.’

We’ve started getting a list of topics together, but what is it that readers and other aspiring writers want to know?  Are you interested in editing, plot development, character development, or things like getting ideas? Let me know the things you would like to know if you were listening to this topic at a book fair.