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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

You're invited to the ebook launch of Mine to Avenge

The launch of the ebook version of MINE TO AVENGE is now a little less than a fortnight away, and I am preparing for a fun day of quizzes and competitions and will be giving away copies of the ebook. At the moment I am planning more giveaways than I have people attending, so get your skates on and hop on over to my Facebook Author page and register your attendance - just click on the Events tab and add your name to the list. Invite your friends along as well. You just might win yourself an extra Christmas present.
Would you like to know what others are saying about MINE TO AVENGE before you decide? Have a browse through the testimonials, reviews and progress reports below from those who have read the book or are currently reading it.

E.J. RYCER - Boston, MA (progress report)

‘I was reading MINE TO AVENGE and accidentally took an extra 10 minutes at my lunch break because I was so absorbed in it... Safe to say I'm pretty hooked!'

E.J.RYCER - Boston, MA

‘MINE TO AVENGE by Kerry Letheby is one of the best books I have read in a long time! If you enjoy deep characters and rich detail combined with a timeless tale of love and vengeance, this is certainly a book you must read!
I was drawn into the story from beginning to end. The level of detail woven into the story made me feel as though I was experiencing everything right along with the characters. I became so emotionally invested in each of their journeys that the end of the book was almost bittersweet... I was very pleased with how things turned out, but I was sad to bid farewell to my new friends.’

DIANNE BARRATT - South Australia

‘If you are looking for a book that you can’t put down then MINE TO AVENGE is the book to read!  Kerry challenges the reader to consider our response to painful loss and grief.  How does the act of making judgments and not forgiving others affect those we love?  What choices would you make if you walked in the shoes of the Galanos and Anastos families?   Please read it, it’s a book not easy to forget.’

URSULA KUEHN - South Australia

A sweeping tale of family loyalty & blood feuds that takes the reader on a journey from war torn Greece, to the streets of Adelaide, South Australia, to New York and the terrible events of 9/11. A compelling read.’

DES SCHWARZ - Mount Gambier, South Australia

‘The novel had me hooked from the first paragraph. Although it is fiction, I could visualise and relate to the characters in the story. I could see this type of scenario actually happening in some parts of the world. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the novel down until I got to the end. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story with suspense and mystery.’

ANNETTE LOVELL - Perth, Western Australia (progress report)
‘MINE TO AVENGE by Kerry Letheby is a great read. I am up to chapter 16 and really can’t keep my nose out of it. It’s a great story and I can't wait till I reach the end to see what happens.’
SUE TEASDALE - Mount Gambier, South Australia (progress report)

'Hi Kerry, found some time at long last to just sit back and start to read, MINE TO AVENGE. I’m loving it!! An easy and enjoyable read, the plot is just starting to thicken, can't wait to get back to it!!'

SUE TEASDALE - Mount Gambier, South Australia (second progress report)

'I finished MINE TO AVENGE last night. I even shed a few tears towards the end!! One very clever plot, interesting characters and a well-written story made one very enjoyable read!! It has left me wanting more; hope there is sequel under way!!'

EDEL SALISBURY, Co. Donegal, Ireland (progress report)

'I am half way through your book Kerry and I am glued to the pages!!! It's a real page turner… I have a feeling it is going to be a late night in my house tonight. Loving it!!!'

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