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Monday, 10 December 2012

Book Review: ‘Ishpirations - In Memoriam and Celebration of Life Vol 3’

I’m doing something completely different today and offering a book review of a little ‘gem’ I read on the weekend, by author Regina Griffin.

 In her book ‘Ishpirations - In Memoriam and Celebration of Life Vol 3’, Regina Griffin sets out to promote the awareness of breast cancer, by celebrating the joys of life and honoring individual breast cancer survivors.
She does this with a collection of ‘Ishpirations’, or, as defined in the book, ‘eclectic statement(s) intended to inspire.’ Many of the ‘Ishpirations’ are linked to either a survivor of breast cancer or to one who has come to the end of the battle. I took great care with my last phrase, choosing not to say ‘lost the battle’, because as you read these ‘Ishpirations’ you will realize that, to the contrary, these women lost nothing at all, but many of them gained a wealth and wisdom far surpassing anything the world considers valuable. As such they have left behind an inheritance of far greater value than any worldly riches. This inheritance is probably best summed up by Ishpiration # 208 - ‘Live a life that makes the world miss you when you are gone.’ These women have lived such a life - a life that ensures their immortality within the hearts of those who knew and loved them and, through the pages of this book, they now have the chance to also live on in the hearts of others who never knew them, spreading their abundant inheritance even further abroad. A short, sweet and inspirational read.

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