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Friday, 17 May 2013

Book fair invitation

This morning I toddled off bright and early to one of the local markets here in town where I have an occasional book-stall for selling and promoting ‘Mine to Avenge.’ I was there regularly for a month around Christmas time, and have been there for the past two weeks, meeting and greeting the locals. 

It’s a wonderful atmosphere, and everyone there is very friendly. Overall, it hasn’t resulted in major sales - I’ve sold far more books online - but it has generated some great exposure and I’ve had some wonderful conversations with people about the book. 

Some people have bought it, read it and passed it on. Others have won signed copies in a ‘Guess the number of words’ competition. Others have stopped and chatted as they have recognized me from the local newspaper articles or heard a local radio interview. 

Although it is sometimes easy to become discouraged with slow sales, every little bit of exposure counts. The small things will move into bigger things in time, if you patiently wait, and a ‘bigger’ opportunity has finally opened up for me this morning, with an invitation to be a guest at a local inaugural book-fair later in the year. 

The nature of the appearance has yet to be decided. It may simply involve being present and selling my book, rather than something like a speaking engagement that better known authors will be offered, but it is a wonderful opportunity that I will embrace nonetheless. I feel privileged and honoured to be included.

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