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Friday, 19 April 2013

Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card

I thought I would add a fun competition to the Mine to Avenge blog tour, which is currently at Day 6 (schedule here). On the final day of the tour (Friday April 26th) I will be choosing one of the wonderful host bloggers to win a $25 Amazon gift voucher and was wondering how to choose them.

This is where you come in. Help me choose the winning host by nominating them. I will count up all the nominations next Friday (26th) and award the voucher to the winning host blogger. Then I will do a random draw from among those who have nominated a blogger to win a $20 Amazon gift voucher.

So there are two vouchers on offer - one for the host bloggers, and one for those who would like to nominate.

Here are a few simple rules to make it easy to participate:

1. Nominate the host blogger you would like to win. Get your nominations to me by either commenting at the bottom of this post, or messaging me on my Facebook Page or contacting me via my Website. Please DON'T post directly on my Facebook Page but use the message button.

2. Nominate as many authors as you wish, but only nominate each author once. So please don't send multiple entries for the same blogger. As there are 12 hosts, it means you are eligible to send through 12 separate nominations.
Note: If you nominate all 12 authors, this will help their numbers for the host blogging part of the competition and show your support, but it doesn't count as multiple entries for the random draw part of the competition. You will only be included once in this draw.

3. Host bloggers are eligible to nominate other bloggers with the following exclusions -
  • Please don't nominate yourself.
  • You will also be excluded from winning this particular part of the competition, as you are in the running for the host blogger prize.
So check out the schedule each day and nominate the bloggers you would like to win. When you check the schedule, all links to the host bloggers are active, but of course, the blog tour is only up to day 6 - April 20th - so there are no Tour posts beyond that date at this time, but don't let that stop you from checking out the other bloggers and getting to know them and what they do.

Have fun. Competition closes 5pm Friday 26th April (South Australian time).

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