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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bouquets for Author Support - post 1

As I seek to promote Mine to Avenge, I am compiling a list of people who have helped me along the way. I am listing those who have been most helpful in offering services that supporting me as an author in my promotion and marketing endeavours.
Some on the list offer services to other authors, and others have stepped up to help me in a more personal way.
By way of thanks, I thought I would like to return the favour and run a series of occasional posts on my blog, to promote them in return, as I add to the list.

This week’s three are -

1. Celebrating Authors
This site is managed by mystery/suspense author, Carolyn Arnold. Her goal is twofold - to connect readers with authors, and to have authors supporting authors. Carolyn has several options available for promotion, and she asks authors to choose one option from a range of seven ‘features’ - author interview, amazon snapshot, book excerpt, character interview, proceeds to charity and Trailer time.

There are a few requirements to be featured, but no cost other than supporting Carolyn and other authors. Carolyn requests that you follow both her and Celebrating Authors on Twitter, Facebook and her personal blog as well as the Celebrating Authors blog.

Contact details - Celebrating Authors

Contact details - Carolyn Arnold

2. Author Quiz

Author Quiz is run by Charles Fudgemuffin, who sums up his site as follows - ‘Author Quiz is a chance for authors to introduce themselves to book lovers with a personalised interview, and a chance for book lovers to discover some of the up and coming indie authors breaking into the self-publishing market.’
As an author, you can feature on Author Quiz by choosing one question from each of 10 sections, with a degree of flexibility around choosing from the sections. Charles specifies no adult content.

Contact Details -

3. Clive Eaton

Clive is author of The Pyramid Legacy, with Operation Stonehenge coming soon. As well as promoting himself and his work, Clive occasionally creates opportunities for other authors to increase exposure and improve ranking in Google searches, such as author interviews and sharing author links. I’d recommend following Clive on Facebook and Twitter as well as his blog and keep your eyes open for further opportunities as Clive offers them.

Contact Details -

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