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Monday, 21 May 2012

Cover Design and More Creative Processes

I was sent three potential cover designs to choose from this morning. Two of the designs had aspects that appealed, but parts of the design weren’t quite right. The third cover however, seemed to hit the spot in its simplicity, so I approved the design this afternoon.

Continuing on with some details about the creative process of Mine to Avenge:
In the previous entry (May 18th) I explained that the origins of the novel began with a concept about eight years before I had a plot. While researching the background of September 11 and studying the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center site, I uncovered some facts that led me towards the cultural background to the story, and from there to the consequent plot line. 
The plot line impacts several generations of two families, so that involved a lot of historical research as to the cultural background of my central characters, particularly during the First and Second World Wars. Sometimes I was able to incorporate things I discovered into the plot line.
Chapter 1 begins with September 11, 2001, but chapter 2 takes the reader back to the past, to explain the historical background to the characters.
Manhattan 2001 is only one part of the story. A significant part of the family history is set in Greece, but the majority of the plot takes place in Australia, with different parts of the story playing out against the backdrop of South Australia’s Riverland, Hindley Street of the 1960s, the Clare Valley and the Barossa Valley and Adelaide of the present day.

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