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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A novel journey begins

I thought I would like to share my journey to my first published novel, Mine To Avenge, for those who are interested.  In one sense, the journey is closer to the end than the beginning, in that the book is already with the publisher and is only a few weeks away from being ready to release, but I don’t think it really matters much. It might be the end of the creative journey for volume one, but I still have to get the book launched successfully - a journey in itself -  and I also have some ideas tossing around for potential sequels, so I am also at the beginning of several other journeys, which I hope will prove to be just as exciting.
I was finally able to accept that it is really happening when the publisher called me yesterday to discuss cover designs, and today I was assigned an editor. For any writer, these are exciting moments when you know your ‘baby’ will be in your hands in a few months.
My ‘baby’ was conceived back in 2001 with the tragedy of September 11, but I don’t want to give too much away at this point. Perhaps when the book is out, I’ll share more of the creative processes behind it.
I didn’t start writing with the intention of incorporating sweeping themes and I think I have been successful in avoiding anything too deep. I started writing with the simple goal to tell a good story, but found that themes found their own way in, threading their way through the story like a tapestry.
I can discuss the themes at this point - the story involves themes such as justice, vengeance and guilt, and challenges us to consider how far we might go to protect our loved ones when they are threatened.
I believe these themes are of interest to everyone. We all have strong opinions as to whether it’s right or wrong to seek revenge when a wrong is done. And how many of us would choose to do nothing if our loved ones were threatened with harm? Would we let it happen or would we take the law into our own hands? I don’t attempt in any way to make a statement on what I think is right. Truthfully, I don’t know how I would act if my family was in the circumstances described in my own story. The scenario has also challenged me. I am hoping primarily that the story will entertain, but also hope that it provokes some spirited discussion between readers, and maybe even via this blog once the story is out.


  1. Sounds great can't wait for the release

  2. something otherthan 'mental illness/disturbance' lies behind the generations? Sounds intriguing and relevant in the context of todays slick and narrow diagnoses. if thats where it might be going-I'm a reader.
    ian Clarkson