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Sunday, 31 March 2013

New website to celebrate Mine to Avenge Blog Tour

I have spent this Easter weekend preparing for the upcoming Mine to Avenge Blog Tour, which is now only two weeks away. All the posts have been sent off to the host bloggers to prepare, and I have launched a new website.  This website brings everything together all in the one place.

Everything about Mine to Avenge is there including the Press Release from the publisher, Love of Books, the book trailer, photos of the book launch and three chapters for free download for those who might be thinking about purchasing the book. Of course purchase links are there as well.

To further help those who are considering purchasing the book, I have also posted links to the reviews. The site also links back to my blog and my blog back to the website so I can continue to interact with readers, and I have a growing page of links to people and websites who are wonderfully supportive to the Indie Community.

All the details for the upcoming blog tour are there under the one tab, with links to the hosts and their blogs, plus details about each post. Please check it out, and get to know the hosts beforehand if you have the time.

As a further lead in to the tour, I have posted a radio interview I had late last year on the local ABC radio network, for those who are interested.  And tomorrow (Monday 1st April), I have an interview going live with the wonderful Clive Eaton on his blog, so I will post the link to that when it’s live.

I am looking forward to the tour very much and am so grateful to the wonderful hosts who have so willingly stepped up to support me and Mine to Avenge.

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