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Monday, 4 February 2013

AUTHORSdB - a great author resource

One of the hardest things for me as a debut writer is finding time to do everything.  I’m like many other writers who dream of that day when the proceeds of their writing might sustain them but, in the meantime, they have to work an eight hour day to pay the bills and mortgage.  
All we want to do is sit down and work on book number 2, but each day we have to put it aside and head off to do other things. Meanwhile book number 1 also needs a push with promoting and marketing.  We might have a lovely paperback in our hands with stunning cover art, but if we are self published, we are also struggling to find time in this limited 24 hour period called a ‘day’, to send out emails to reviewers, and bloggers, write our own blog posts, spend time on Twitter and Facebook, and so on. And there are often other demands - the garden the family, and on it goes.
So what do we do? How can we juggle all this? Well I’m sorry - I don’t profess to have all the answers. I’m sorry if you thought I was about to provide you with them!
But debut, self-published authors need all the help and support they can get. One thing I am doing above all others right now, is seeking out such resources - seeking out those ready and willing to help authors in taking on some of the burden of promotion. In return I want to give them a grateful, promotional plug and vote of thanks, and maybe drive others who need their services to their door.
Today’s vote of thanks and recommendation is for AUTHORSdB. On this wonderful site, authors can register for free, in return for a very detailed listing about themselves and their work. The author provides details such as author bio, author photograph, details of their book with purchasing links, cover image, video trailer, and so on. The result is a very polished listing, where everything about the author and their book(s) is together in the one place, and of course it can be edited and updated as needed. AUTHORSdB will directly involve themselves in your promotional efforts by assisting with Twitter and Facebook campaigns too.
AUTHORSdB also offers promotional and listing opportunities for those who provide services to authors, such as manuscript appraisal, so it presents as a complete package for authors who are also looking for other services beyond promotion.
I have posted the link to AUTHORSdB below, and underneath that, the link to my own listing on the site. If you are an author looking for a promotional boost, I wouldn’t hesitate.

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