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Monday, 19 November 2012

A little local exposure

I have had some success this week in trying to gain some local exposure and promotional opportunities for Mine to Avenge. I had an idea during the week that maybe I could try selling my book at one of the regular local markets that operate here in town on the weekends.
I did some research online to see whether other authors had tried this and whether they recommended it as a worthwhile approach, but found that there was very little information and advice out there. But the few articles I did find suggested that in their opinion, it was worth giving it a go. The closest market to me is only two minutes away by car, and I have booked an undercover trestle to set up a few books this coming Saturday morning and will offer Mine to Avenge for sale at a special market price.
I thought that even if the worse happens and I sell no copies at all, I will still have a nice relaxing morning, sitting behind a trestle talking to people, enjoying a coffee now and again, in a lovely community atmosphere. It will still generate exposure. I also approached the local radio station here and the local newspaper, and both have agreed to do an interview with some advance promotion of my presence at the market, so it has been a successful week in generating publicity. And I also start a new job tomorrow, so it will be quite an exciting week all round.
I will feed back on the weekend after the market and let readers know how it all goes.


  1. Good luck with the market! Sounds like it'll be a fun day whatever happens!

    Your book had me wiping away a tear or two at the end ...

  2. Thanks Red Nomad. I'm glad you wiped away a tear or two at the end - shows good identification with the characters. If you are able to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads at all,to recommend the book to other readers, it would be much appreciated. Of course that depends on whether you have accounts with them or not.