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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Seeking advice on essential apps for author pages

 The past week has been a very exciting one in terms of the publishing journey. The biggest achievement was finally giving the go-ahead to proceed with printing. It took seven separate attempts at cleaning up the file to get to that point. The publishers were so patient, and always willing to fix up anything I found, each and every time.
I’m certainly not brave enough to claim that there will be no typos in the manuscript at all - astute readers always manage to find some. The novel underwent two complete edits by a professional editor, then there was a read-through by two objective readers with no previous exposure to the novel at all, and finally seven times through with the publishers in the quest to eliminate typos. I went through it myself so many times in between that I lost count.
I was amazed at how easy it is for the eye not to notice when a quotation mark is missing. I think the mind expects it to be there, and this makes it easy to miss if it’s not. This was by far the most common mistake I found during the manuscript tidy up, most likely caused by a cut and paste error during editing.
I finally have a Facebook author page up and running, which has been an interesting process for someone not very savvy on what works on such pages and what doesn’t. It’s still in the early stages though, and I am enjoying looking at other author pages for inspiration, particularly in terms of the apps they use. If you are an author with ideas on apps that work for writers and why writers should have them, I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. You can currently find my page at

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